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Make friends Make contact with people in your local area or find international penpals and widen your social circle. Find a friend looking to share common interests. Search our members and send them a Hi to let them know you would like to chat!

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Make New Friends

It's free and easy to meet new people at Buddies4you. Simply sign up for your FREE Membership and meet people online. Check out Your Matches and use our free private messaging and free chat rooms.

Search for buddies using our Advanced Search to find new buddies local to you or penpals worldwide. Get social using our

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or in chat in one of our free Chat Rooms 18+, 30+, 40+, Mens Room, Ladies Room. ....Meet new people to share hobbies and interests, language and culture.

How to make friends

Be the first one to say Hi.
Introduce yourself.
Ask a question and strike up a conversation.
Show interest in other people.
Speak to people you wouldn't normally speak to, you may find you have something in common.
Be the first to send a message, ask for a meet up for lunch or a coffee.
Search online for interest groups eg. hiking, craft, social groups and clubs in your local area.
Search offline eg. Ask your local library, search local newspapers for local groups, clubs, volunteering opportunities.

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