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Site not working as it should
Didnt receive Registration email
Photos not showing
Cant Send Messages
Messages missing from Inbox
Account Pending
Trouble logging in

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How To

How to send a Wink
How to Send a Message
How to Read/Open/Reply to messages
How to Add members to Favourites
How to Block a Member


When someone sends me a message
where does it go

How long are messages kept before deletion


My Matches


Uploading Photos
Photo Guidelines
Photos not showing on your profile

Security & Safety

Safety Guidelines
Spam Messages
Are members screened in any way
Is this site monitored
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Site not working as it should?

Can't Send Messages, View Profiles, etc Sometimes we make changes to the site code, your browser may be using the old website code, which can make the site not work properly. You may need to clear your Browser Cache & Cookies a few times before it works. Please research Effects of removing Cache & Cookies first.

Clearing Cache in FireFox Browser > Click Tools > Clear Recent History.
Clearing Cache in Internet Explorer Tools > Internet Options > Browsing History > Delete.
If the problem persists please Send Us an Email to let us know.

Didnt receive Registration email?

If you did not receive the registration email, either:
1. Check your spam/junk folder and add Buddies4you.com to your safe list.
2. Or you can have your Username and a NEW PASSWORD sent by clicking the New Password link.

Photos not showing

We approve all photos first before making them visible onsite. Please see Photo Guidelines

Can't Send Messages

Possible reasons:
1. You may need to clear your Browser Cache
2. Your account may be Pending please contact support admin@Buddies4you.com.

Messages missing from your Inbox

If you receive an email to say you have New Mail but the message is missing from your Inbox, then this could be either:
1. The member is no longer registered on the site and their messages have been deleted.
2. Messages sent with duplicate content are deleted.
3. Messages over 20 days old are deleted.

Account Pending

If your account is "Pending" please contact us at admin@Buddies4you.com.

Trouble logging in

If you are having trouble logging in with your Username and Password please remember the Username and Password are Case Sensitive. You must enter them exactly as they appear in your Registration email. You could Copy and Paste them into the login boxes to ensure they are correct.

Your Account

My Matches

My Matches is a simple search based on the search preferences you entered when you signed up. You can edit these preferences in "Edit Search Preferences".

Edit My Matches

You can edit My Matches by clicking on "Edit Search Preferences".

Edit Search Preferences

You can edit your search preferences by clicking "Edit Search Preferences".

Favourites List

Your Favourites List acts as your Buddy List. If someone adds you to their Buddy List that you do not want contacting you, you can Block them from sending you messages, by clicking on their profile and clicking Block User.

New Password? Forgot your Username or Password

The system only sends out NEW Passwords. To have a NEW Password sent to you please click here

Send NEW Password

and enter the email you used to register with. You can change the NEW password when you log in for security.

Cancel my Account

To cancel your Account either Log In and click the Cancel Membership link, or send us an email using the email address you used to register with requesting to Cancel your account.

If you want to report a profile please use the Report button on the members profile or email us any details and we will investigate. The member will not know you reported them because the Report Button is Anonymous.

How do I Edit my Extended Profile

Click Edit Extended Profile in panel menu and then click to Save your changes.

My Account has been deleted

Possible reasons accounts get deleted:
1. You cancelled your account yourself.
2. You have not adhered to the Terms & Conditions.
3. You sent Spam, many copy & paste messages.
4. Your profile was reported for sending crude/offensive communications on-site.
5. We can not communicate with you via your registered email address and messages are bouncing.
6. You must be atleast 18 years old to use this website.
7. Soliciting money, gifts or personal details.

If none of the above apply to you then please accept our apologies and feel free to join again. Full Terms & Conditions

How do I Edit my Profile

Click Edit Profile to edit your basic profile' and then click SAVE to save your changes.

How do I Edit my Extended Profile

Click Edit Extended Profile to edit and then click SAVE to save your changes.

How To

How to Send a Wink

1. Search to find a member first by either clicking on "My Matches" or click "Search".
2. Click on member Profile to open.
3. Click the Send a Wink link at the top of their profile page.

How to Send a Message

1. Search to find a Member first by clicking on "My Matches" or the "Search" link.
2. Click on the member Profile to open.
3. Click Send a Message at the top of their profile page. Type and send message.

How do I Open/Read/Reply to Messages

Log in and click on your Inbox
Click on the Orange Envelope OR the Message Title.
Click Reply
Type your message
Click Send

How to add members to your Favourites List

Search to find the member first
Click on the profile, or View Profile link to open their profile page.
Then click the Add to Favourites link at the top of the page.

How do I Block a Member

To block a member from sending you messages:
Click on their View Profile and then click Block at the top of their Profile. You can view and edit members you have blocked in your 'Blocked' List. You will be able to see members you have blocked, and vice versa, but they will not be able to send messages to your "Inbox".

How to hide your Profile when online

In the Edit Profile link, where it says Other members can see when I'm online select No and click Save.


When someone sends me a message where does it go

When a member sends you a message, it goes straight into your onsite message Inbox. We then send an email to your personal email address (the email you used to register with) to let you know that you have mail. All communications with other members stay onsite so that you never have to give out any personal information.

How long are my messages kept before deletion

Your messages are kept in your Inbox for 20 days before being deleted, unless the member has left the site, in that case their messages are removed along with the profile.


My Matches

My Matches is a simple search based on the Search Preferences you enter when you register, including Gender, Age and the Country you are looking for. You can edit your Search Preferences by clicking the Edit Profile link in the Panel Menu.

Username Search

You can search by Username by clicking "Advanced Search" and typing the Username in the box provided and selecting the users “Country” and then click "Search Now".


Click Advanced Search to perform searches with more criteria. Select your criteria then either click Search Now or Expand Search to add more criteria (then click Search Now for results).


Uploading Photos

You can upload up to 5 photos. Photos must be of you, with face visible. Photos will not show on your profile until they are approved. We review all photos uploaded.

To Upload Photos:
1. Log in
2. Click Upload Photos
3. Click Browse to find the photo file on your computer.
4. Click Upload...you are done!
To make a photo your Default Photo, check the box next to the photo where it says Use this as default profile picture, then click Submit.

File Types Allowed

.jpg .gif .bmp or .png.
Maximum photo file size: 400 KB.
To check your picture file size: Click Image file > right click > click Properties.
All photos uploaded must contain a clear, recent picture of YOU.
We will not approve pictures containing nudity, cartoons, copyrighted images, pictures including private details or URL's.
Photos will not show on your profile until approved.
Once approved, all pictures are Public and viewable by all other members, visitors to the site, external search engines and web directories.

Security and Safety

Spam Messages

Spam messages are 'duplicate/copy and paste' messages sent to "many members" usually containing email addresses, advertising, URLs and links to external websites. We will remove duplicate messages, and the member who sent them from the site IF thought to be suspicious. You can report members sending these messages by clicking the "Users Profile" and clicking the "Report User" link or emailing us at admin@Buddies4you.com.

Is this site monitored

We may, but are under no obligation to monitor the activity on this website including member profiles to ensure that the Terms and Conditions are being adhered to. We welcome Members to report to us any content that is offensive, objectionable or that does not adhere to the Terms & Conditions.

Report User

You can report a profile by clicking the "Report Profile" button at the bottom of User Profiles or by the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page or by email at admin@Buddies4you.com.

We delete those not adhering to the Terms & Conditions. We welcome members to report to us any content that is offensive, objectionable so that we can investigate.

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